A Note from Brian V. Brunner ('64)

When I was at the big Centennial celebration on May 2, 1998 an alumnus from my era, after reading some of the stories that I wrote, told me to "Get a life!". (Some of the stories were printed out by Ms. Jerri Beck and given to the people who bought her L.W.M.A. History book.)

I did not know how to respond at the time to that remark. I simply said someone needs to put down some of the things that happened. He said, "Better left unsaid.".

Now that I've had some time to think about it, I'll try to reply to "Get a Life!", by saying these things:

#1. I doubt I would have much of a life at all if it weren't for L.W.M.A..
The school gave me a purpose and a direction that has stayed with me to this day. When I arrived in Camp Hill I was in trouble at home, at school and with the juvenile authorities. All that changed because of the school on "The Hill". It didn't happen overnight, but it did happen. I'm grateful to the men and women who taught us at L.W.M.A., and I hope and pray that the school will continue to help young people in the future.

#2. If my friend thinks that spending time on a computer entering the stories, makes me a computer "geek" and I need to get a real life because of that, I reply: I first went to computer school back in 1968 and I have worked with computers since 1969, a long time before anyone had a PC. I owe my career to computers. Enough said.

#3. My friend has been very successful, and has been able to contribute things to the school that were very expensive. As an alumnus and a friend I am grateful to him for those gifts. I have not been able to make those kinds of gifts to L.W.M.A., so these stories that I write, and the help and ideas that I give Phil Potts('63) on this web site are my small contributions to the school and its history. By the way, my stories are directed to the current students to enjoy. I also hope that some of the stories may cause the alumni to smile too. I'm just sorry I have not found the time to complete the "Things in Tallapoosa Hall" story, or to write a good biography of General Futch. I will keep trying to find the time.

I hope my friend will understand now that I don't need to get a life because the one that was given to me at Lyman Ward Military Academy is just fine.

Brian V. Brunner '64

I'm Glad You Have a Life

A reply from Cliff Leonard ('64)


Glad to run into LWMA. Don't know why I checked? I guess it was simply idle net time after a search on eBay for LWMA stuff. I appreciate what you have done. I took up writing several years ago -- and wrote and wrote and wrote. One day I stopped and have not done any since. So each individual letter you enter on that plastic board in front of you is especially appreciated.

As for getting a life -- some folks think that if you are not just like them then your wrong. So thanks for not "being wrong" and for doing what you enjoy.

Cliff Leonard '64