The Rope in the Clock Tower

By Paul Tate, LWMA Faculty, 1965 - 1983


I suppose that there are more stories about the ghost(s) in Tallapoosa Hall than anything else. When I was directing plays, we used the attic for storing much of our items (lights, electrical cables, control panels, etc.) that we used annually. It was always very interesting and amusing as I watched the faces of cadets who were about to make their first trips to the attic. After winding up a steep and narrow stairway to get to the attic, one would encounter even steeper stairs to go from the attic into the clock tower. They would always look in the bell tower (actually, the clock tower) for the rope (noose) used by Seven-Toes* who had hanged himself from the rafters. As you know, during your time at LWMA and much of the time I spent there, Tallapoosa Hall was never locked (only classrooms and offices), so many new cadets would go with an older cadet on ghost hunts in the space of time between the close of study hall (in the dorms) and taps.

* "Seven-Toes" was the name someone gave to a seven-toed bum who lived somewhere deep in the back woods.

See the story titled " The Legend of Seven-Toes" for more information.