T.A.'s Dilemma - John Nixon('80)

This incident occurred one week in the latter part of 1979.

One evening during the break of study hall, Cadet Thomas "T.A." Moore ('80), whom I believe we all voted as our class clown, thought it would be funny to play a prank on Mike Lamond ('80), the Officer of the day. Cadet Moore went to the C.Q. building and proceeded to announce over the school loudspeaker system, "Officer of the day, Cadet Mike Lamond, report to C.Q. immediately, the school building is on fire." Not realizing that the loudspeaker system could be heard all over town, Cadet Moore was shocked to see several of the schools faculty arrive on campus as a result of his announcement.


As part of his punishment, Cadet Moore was ordered to carry in his possesion a fire extinguisher for one week. This was not the lightweight unit we all know of today, this was the old soda and water type that seemed like it weighed a hundred pounds. Everyone knew when Cadet Moore was around by the clanging of the extinguisher as he sat it down.

Remember that Cadet Moore was the class clown. He was determined to have the last laugh. Somehow he obtained a toy fireman's hat that had a battery powered revolving light on top. Cadet Moore alerted us to watch at morning formation if we wanted a good laugh.

The next morning as the Battalion formed on the front row, we all kept a watchful eye towards Cadet Moore. The Battalion was called to attention and report was given. As the Company Commanders gave their report, we all watched toward Cadet Moore. The Battalion roared as Cadet Moore, fire extinguisher in hand and fireman's hat on head with light flashing, reported, "Fire Chief Moore's Company all present and accounted for!" Somehow the Senior Army Instructor did not find it as funny. We never understood why.

Just thought this was one for the record books.

John Nixon, Class of '80