SII Dances

Story By Paul Strobel('43)

SII was co-ed when I was there and sometimes on a Saturday night we were allowed to have dances. On one particular night, Earley Macon('44) wished to cut in while I was dancing with Evelyn Bodiford('43). She had previously said that she did not want to dance with him. I never knew why, because Earley was a nice looking fellow and very gentlemanly. Anyway, Earley made the attempt and I, thinking I was certainly a knight destined to honor the lady's wish, indicated that he could not cut in. He immediately asked me to join him on the small stretch of grass just outside of Tallapoosa Hall. I did. In a few minutes I had handily taken the advantage and returned to the dance, elated, pompous,....and for the moment, unaware of how foolish it all was.

Well, the next time we had a dance, the same situation developed, with the same players, and once again, Earley asked me out again. In just a few seconds my new-found prowess as the pugilistic superior of SII vanished!

Fifty-three years later I called Earley one night (he lives in Birmingham) and during the conversation we reminisced about days gone by. Of course, I had to bring up the memory of that encounter. He remembered, and being the constant gentleman, he allowed that it was of no consequence.

I don't think Earley was particularly enamored of the young lady involved; it probably had to do with pride. Anyway, Earley married Josephine ("Jo") Snow ('44) and they continue their SII romance.

I always hoped that Dr. Ward and Mr. Kirkland were never aware of this event. Miss Blaisdell was; I know, because I had to write extra book reports. Wow! It's tough to lose....,but twice?

Russell Hall(early 1970's) (Boys' Dorm(1940's)

Russell Hall(early 1970's)
(Boys' Dorm(1940's)

Russell Hall(1981)

Russell Hall(1981)

This is one of the buildings in which I once lived. Yes, there were dormers on the upper (third) story and alas, they were removed before you took your picture. The dormers, etc were removed after I left. It is also one of the buildings in which I worked (painting interior walls) during holidays when all other students went home. (I lived too far away.) Miss Blaisdell lived in the bottom, left hand side as you face the building.

The large room to the right (opposite Miss Blaisdell's quarters) was a library and it was in this room that we held dances on Saturday night sometimes. In the spring and fall we had dances in the auditorium in Tallapoosa Hall. It would have been too cold for socials in the winter, hence our social activities, few though they were, were held in the library of the dorm.

On Saturday nights - once in a while - we had dances. (The school (SII) was co-ed then.) You had to hold the girl at least 12 inches away from you. The teachers offered a ruler and Dr. Ward offered an "hurrumph" if you disobeyed the rule. Much more could be said about the building...and much, much more about all the good/great memories.

Before we lived in this building we occupied Alabama Hall**. Those students that remained in Alabama Hall were "House Mothered" by Mrs. Smith. (Wesley's mother.) Miss Blaisdell*** was indeed our house mother when we relocated. She was stern and demanded adherence to rules. She was also the most lovable, effective, and mannerly person I have ever known.