Colonel Joseph C. Windle Leaves L.W.M.A.

Lyman Ward Military Academy regrets to announce that Colonel Joseph C. Windle, Commandant of Cadets, will be leaving to accept another position this fall. COL Windle will be stepping up to become the Principal for Reeltown High School in Notasulga, Alabama for the 2000-2001 school year.

Reeltown is COL Windle’s alma mater where he distinguished himself in football, basketball and going on to earn an Army ROTC commission at Auburn University where he completed a B.S. in Education. Additionally, COL Windle’s mother taught there for over 30 years. "For me, this is like getting a call from home," said Windle, "when they call and ask you to come home, you have to go." Reeltown High School supports grades K-12 with an enrollment of approximately 700 students. "Being asked to return to your hometown and to take on this responsibility is quite an honor," said Windle.


According to MG Clyde Hennies, LWMA President, "We regret that the Academy is losing one of its key players at this time, but we are proud of COL Windle’s contributions while at the Academy. We recognize the honor and opportunity this represents for COL Windle and his family, as well as their community, and wish them all the best." "Moreover, I know how tough a decision this was for COL Windle, but it goes directly to the mission of Lyman Ward of setting the example and by training good citizens to provide leadership in their communities," Hennies said. "I am proud to know that our public school system is getting an experienced leader with a distinguished career, and that Lyman Ward played an important role in that professional development," said Hennies.